When you look out at the emerald waters of the Florida Gulf Coast, what do you imagine? A slow and luxurious tour of the ins and outs of Panama City Beach can be beautiful, but when you’re looking for fun, excitement, and the thrill of being close to the water, nothing but a WaveRunner will get you the experience you seek.

WaveRunner rentals are particularly great if you’re planning a trip for people of several different ages or skill levels. WaveRunners sit two people, so a couple could rent one for a romantic trip out to Shell Island, a family could arrange to have a parent and child on each one, or if you’re traveling with someone who has limited mobility, they could be a passenger while someone else drives.

If you’ve never taken a WaveRunner or other personal watercraft out before, there’s nothing to worry about. Driving a WaveRunner is incredibly simple; we’ll show you the basics before you get in the water, and then it’s just a matter of steering. WaveRunners are easy to operate and intuitive to drive.

Jetski rentals are offered on property and professionally managed by our friends at FunPCB. To learn about pricing, availability, and other activities contact them directly at 850-235-8051 or visit their website