Book Your Panama City Beach Dream Wedding at Seahaven Resort

Panama City Beach Weddings at Sharky's

Dreaming of the ultimate wedding experience?  What if you could have a vacation wedding at a premier beach location?  Is there anything that could be more euphoric than a sunset wedding on Panama City beach?  You bet, this location is magical, and couples are going to find they have 320 days of beautiful weather to choose from.  The average temperature in Panama city is around 74 degrees–so not too hot, and certainly not cold!  If you love southern hospitality,charm and authenticity, this is the place to be!  Top this off with gorgeously white beaches–now free from alcohol, and you’ll find Panama beach is the perfect place to have a wedding ceremony!

Without a doubt, beach weddings have been growing in popularity, but never forget–the location is definitely everything. This is so true when you’re planning on what you hope is that once in a lifetime experience! Capturing the perfect ambiance is so important to so many couples.  So, yes, if you can manage to have your beach wedding under a picturesque sunset it would create memories for a lifetime!  This is a moment in time many can only dream of having, so it’s also understandable couples want the very best planners they can find! What if we told you, you could have everything taken care of in one place? Well, you can!

Seahaven resort offers wedding planning that goes beyond elegant. Once you have your location picked out, we make sure your dream wedding goes over flawless and stress free!  We understand too, it can be difficult finding wedding planners who offer integrity and the quality service couples are looking for, but we know you’ll find we are committed to only the highest standards for our guests. You won’t be wondering if this will be the wedding you’ve been dreaming of–we assure you it will be that and so much more!  Seahaven wedding professionals can set you and your guests up with the perfect suites facing the ocean, while offering wedding parties exclusive perks too!

Wedding Planning and Bridal Showers at Seahaven Resort

Not only can Seahaven ensure couples have a breathtaking wedding–they also guarantee a Bridal shower filled with intrigue as well.  The goal of our professional wedding planners is to create a wedding package couples will treasure for years to come!  We want our guests to relax, enjoy and relish every moment of this very special time in their lives. For a number of years, Seahaven and Sharky’s have been hosting weddings and receptions and this is the only location where a 200+ wedding can be properly planned and carried out without any glitches.  We show couples how easy and affordable a dream destination wedding in Panama City beach is! Wedding packages include all of the following amenities:

  • Banquet
  • Reception
  • Beachfront Catering
  • Custom white chair seating
  • Bamboo Arbor Archways 
  • Free Beach Venue with Package Deals

We also understand that many couples dreaming of a wedding at Panama aren’t looking to go traditional with any of their wedding plans either.  The many outdoor locations offer backdrops for a wedding ceremony that are nothing less than exceptional!  From the backdrop of emerald waters to beautiful azure sky’s–the visuals for day weddings are mesmerizing.  All of the elements a couple needs to make their wedding celebration simply magical is here.  From succulent dinner dishes, to planning the bridal shower and more–Seahaven resort wedding specialists leave nothing to chance!

Here, at Seahaven resort we look forward to making your wedding day memorable and unforgettable! Rest and relaxation can come after the couples big day; and, as previously mentioned, from event planning to engaging party guests in fun related activities, we’ll do it all.  So, are you ready for your new life to begin right here, on one of the most pristine beaches in the USA?  Book in now to guarantee availability and space, because peak season is right around the corner!