Discover 10 Tips For Choosing the Perfect Vacation Lodging in PCB Florida

If you’ve never visited Panama City Beach and you’re looking to venture off on a vacation destination here for Memorial Day weekend, how do you choose the best, most perfect vacation lodging? If you don’t have anything planned, it’s time to start mapping out that itinerary. When you’re shopping for a great place to stay you want to consider multiple things. For instance, do you want to be right on the beach? Do you want to be in the heart of the action, or, more secluded for privacy and relaxation? You can find exactly what you’re looking for when you start planning early. Remember, Memorial day weekend normally kicks off the season so you want to prepare early.

Choosing the right place to stay is just not a small task. There are always great, last-minute choices though, which eases some stress for those who aren’t accustomed to making reservations ahead of time. Whether you might be looking for a vacation home, condo or standard hotel room–visitors can locate accommodations on the most vibrant beaches across PCB. It is recommended that you pay attention to the star ratings and the amenities that a resort might have too, as this will guarantee you won’t run into any dissatisfaction.

Where to Stay to Guarantee a Great Vacation

Do you want to spend more time on the beach, soaking up the rays and engaging in water sports? If the answer is yes, you can pinpoint properties that are beachfront and focus on these only. This certainly helps narrow down the search. If you’re hoping to find clever ways to pay less for your vacation lodgings too, then that is something else to consider. The main goal is to pinpoint your own needs, along with your family’s so you can eliminate any intimidation. Also, it’s important you know what the average price is in the area you’ll be hoping to stay too–in this way you can’t be overcharged. Your budget also has a huge role to play on choosing where to stay, unless it is unlimited–which would be fantastic, but most families don’t just plan on splurging like that. So, know how much you want to spend on lodgings too! And, if you’re going to be cooking and dining in then you need to be seeking condos or vacation homes.

Remember that you’re going to pay more when you want to be close to the beach, especially when it’s the start of the season. However, there are a great many incentives for staying in this location. Let’s just say that you were looking at an oceanfront property like Seahaven Beach Hotel and Resort. There are standard rooms available as well as condo rentals, and there are resort activities for the kids in the summer. This is a prime location too, and it fits almost every family budget. Not only will you be right on the beach here, but you’ll have close access to activities you and your family are interested in like: shopping, mini golf, great dining and scenic walks along with shell hunting! Also, you’ll be very close to places where you can do pontoon rentals, jet ski rentals go banana boat riding and so very much more! And if you want to stay somewhere else, well–there are choices all around the area that will meet most budgets.

Discover 10 Tips to Get The Perfect Accommodations for You and the Family

These ten tips are perfect for newbies to PCB, beyond a doubt–and more importantly, they will alleviate worry and stress. The goal of any vacation or getaway is to relax and unwind, so it’s smart to get advice from those who are familiar with an area where a visitor might be venturing off too. Today, there are also many online tools consumers can use to locate the most suitable vacation lodgings too, no matter whether it’s a hotel, vacation home, resort or a beachfront condo complex.  Let’s take a look at these tips now to get future guests ready to plan and accrue more excitement for their upcoming trip.

  1. If easy access parking is important to you then you need to do some scouting of various properties at PCB. For instance, if you’re set on staying at a beachfront resort then you need to visit renowned sites that give honest reports about parking and how access is in proximity to the resort itself. This will guarantee you get what you’re looking for.
  2. Study feedback and reviews on valid and reliable sites online. Star ratings are everything and they can make or break a property. If you find negative reviews consistently then you’ll know to stay away. No one wants a misrepresentation of a property to mar their vacation.
  3. Stay within your budget, and the easiest way to do this is to check on what properties offer incentives or freebies for staying with them at the kick off of the season. Some properties offer 1 night free for a 7 night booking. It takes a little bit of research, but in the end, this will pay off for you and you’ll save money.
  4. If you’ll be dining out quite often you want to make sure that the property you choose is within close proximity of great dining establishments. Some guests like to walk the beach to the restaurant of their choosing, so making sure that is possible can increase visitor satisfaction.
  5. Book your reservations early because Memorial Day Weekend is the kickoff of the summer season and it is getting busy. It is advised to start looking know for where you’ll want to stay and get those rooms booked in.
  6. If you are hoping to have valet service, or a tuck in service at your choice of lodgings it is important to call ahead and make sure that kind of luxury is going to be part of the costs. There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination and being told you have to pay more for those extra amenities. So, get the costs upfront and get that guarantee.
  7. Some families prefer to have daily housekeeping, so if you plan on renting a beachfront condo or a vacation home check on this ahead of time. You don’t want to wait until you’ve paid a deposit and can’t get your money back, or worse yet, everything be booked and have nowhere else to stay.
  8. If you have small children there is no doubt you’ll be going to places such as: Ripley’s, The Race Trax, Putt-Putt, Water parks and more. Check on discount tickets. Some resorts offer packages that include discounted tickets to the most heavily visited tourist attractions.
  9. If you’re taking Fido, start researching and planning ahead to find the place you want that will accept 4 legged visitors. Some do, but they charge a pet fee. However that is refundable if there are no damages. These are few, but you can find them in perfect locations if you book ahead.
  10. If your visit turns out horrible, make sure you’ve chosen a place that cares about guests and is willing to make up for any issues. For example, your air conditioning goes out, the beds are horrible, the shower runs cold, etc. Most resorts will accommodate guests and offer partial refunds in cases like these. So, know the policy of the property before you book in.