Seabreeze Jazz Festival on Panama City Beach

Seabreeze Jazz Festival

It’s official–spring is one of the best times to come to Panama City Beach, that’s right.  You can certainly explore more of what there is to do here this time of the year, because temperatures are just perfect.  It’s not balmy, so you can get out and enjoy many activities in total comfort!  Whether you want to play a round of golf or you just want to seek out some intimate antique shops–or perhaps you want to attend one of the many fantastic concerts that take place throughout the spring season, such as the Jazz Festival premiering in a few short weeks?  There will be live entertainment cruises and other musical venues during the day and in the evening!  Let’s share some very important facts about this event.

Come Visit Panama City Beach During Springs Jazz Festival

If you love visiting the beach in the spring versus summer then you’re in luck if you’re making a special trip to Panama City Beach in April.  From April 19 through the 23rd, visitors will be delighted with the soothing sounds of Jazz from some of the most amazing, top artists from around the country.  From top saxophonists like Kenny G to rhythm and blues artists like Norman Brown, Eric Darius, and others–the line up is definitely mind blowing.  If you love the beach as much as you love the cool, soul sounds of Jazz you’re really going to be on a higher plane for this event!  This is the 19th annual Sea Breeze Jazz Festival setting the stage, and already, the pre-planning is showing it will be one of the best!

Furthermore, this has been named one of the “top 10 Jazz” festivals within the country for good reason.  It was actually nominated for the “the Best Jazz Festival” during the Oasis “Smooth Jazz Awards,” and that is really saying a lot!  What visitors will love about this experience lies in how they’ll not only have complete access to view and hear these various top artists in concert, but they’ll also be able to enjoy the surf and sand for 5 full days as well. If you’re interested in what the costs of admission and tickets will be, well we will share that with you now.

Just remember, each day will host a different jazz venue and multiple musicians alongside other events.  The best and most affordable value is to go with the four day package deal which allows access to activities and events Thursday through Sunday. The cost is 250 per person.  You can also choose to go with a 3 day pass, but this is only $50 cheaper.  If you go the route of individual day purchases you’ll pay a lot more.  Individual day tickets are $90 to $120 per guest.  No matter what visitors choose to go with, each and every day is going to be jam packed with great entertainment and dazzling things to see and do.

Where Should You Stay and Dine During the Sea Breeze Jazz Festival

The best news yet is that the festival will be hosted at Aaron Beasant Park Amphitheater and is within close proximity to some of the finest Panama City Beach hotels.  Whether you are seeking a top Panama City Beach condo, or a resort with 5 star amenities–there are luxurious accommodations available that are direct ocean front.  The Reef is among these and it offers attractive amenities, ticket packages for the Jazz fest, and it is also fairly close to where many of the musical venues will be taking place.  Seahaven Beach Resort will also be offering some beach vacation deals during this time, and there will be discounts and multiple resort activities taking place as well.  The Seahaven Beach resort is also in close proximity of many Panama City Beach attractions that are hot spots for tourists!

Also, Sharky’s, which is a top-class Panama City Beach restaurant is next door too Seahaven and has a very selective menu, not to mention one of the biggest tiki huts on the southern peninsula.  There is also live entertainment here in the spring and summer.  Because it is direct ocean front you can have a very enjoyable meal at a premier location with a family friendly environment.  Sharky’s is voted one of the best fine dining establishments in Panama City, so you won’t be dissatisfied if you dine here.  For families who stay at the Seahaven Beach hotel–kids will eat free at Sharky’s!

Reservations can be made very easily at any of the properties mentioned, but no matter where visitors choose to stay they are going to have an amazing time during this festival!  Get started booking in to a resort now to ensure you’ll have lodgings taken care of and free to focus on planning other activities for your trip.