Memorial Day Weekend 2017 on Panama City Beach

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend has always been a very busy, distinctive time on Panama City Beach.  This is a benchmark to the start of the summer season on the gulf, and guests from all over the country attend dozens of events during this time.  From local craftsman shows, to antique shopping, seashell combing on the beach, cruises, fishing–and so very much more; Panama Beach is definitely buzzing this time of the year, and it is a bit warmer than in the spring too, so come prepared.  Approximately 13 million people visit Panama City Beach each year, and Memorial Day weekend has a huge amount of visitors.  Event organizers are already predicting this holiday to be one of the biggest.  In fact travel experts themselves believe vacationers coming to Panama Beach  and elsewhere will increase by at least 6% this 2017–which is great for the city’s economy and business everywhere!

Memorial Day Weekend: The Kickoff for Summer Vacations

Since Panama City Beach is declared one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, of course travel is going to increase.  Many Panama City Beach hotel parking lots are constantly full with visitors cars from all across the country, and as the weather gets even nicer, more vacationers will be arriving.  But, Memorial Day weekend traffic seriously takes up these hotels pretty rapidly.  It is recommended to start making Panama City Beach vacation reservations now to ensure that you’ll get the accommodations you really want.  If you are a visitor who comes for the surf and sand then you’ll want to focus on vacation rentals on the beach. Seahaven beach resort offers direct access to the beach and there are a great many water sports easily accessible too.

Once you hit the beaches, soft white sands you’ll have so many options available to you.  For those who enjoy jet skiing, jet ski rentals are conveniently close.  Further, there are a number of parasailing trips available, along with banana boat rides too.  The parasailing trips allow visitors a different view of the Gulf of Mexico’s emerald waters.  This is not only fun it is a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience and you can certainly capture some amazing photographs.  You’ll see sea-life like you never have before, worlds above the swirling emerald waters.  And when you’ve had a busy day out on the beach, or visiting hot spots in the city, what could be better than having premier relaxation at your choice of Panama City Beach hotels?  Let’s take a look.

Make Your Reservations for the Memorial Day Weekend

Seahaven Beach resort offers visitors great prices and great room choices.  Guests choose what best suits their needs, and there is indeed something for everyone.  From having access to some great dining at Sharky’s, a premier dining destination directly on the beach, to exclusive access to the onsite movie theater–you’ll have everything you need here.  The full parking lot on every Memorial Day certainly tells a lot about this premier vacation location.  In fact, if you really want to have a meaningful Panama City Beach vacation–lodging is extremely important.  Remember, because Memorial Day is extremely busy you don’t want to wait to book in and have your room waiting for you upon arrival.  Last minute bookings can be disappointing, so don’t let this be you!

And, don’t feel pressured to go with booking in at Seahaven Beach hotel either, not when we have two other properties you can take a look at.  You don’t have to sit for hours looking for the best Panama City Beach condo either, we have that too!  If you want unique properties that offer you everything with affordability and comfort in mind you can also look at Origin at Seahaven and The Reef too.  It is almost guaranteed one of these three properties will be perfect for you and your family for this Memorial Day weekend.  And also, each property is only about a mile from the prestigious Pier Park, where a great many fun Panama City activities are going to be taking place.  This is just a short walk, so you can get some exercise in while taking in the sights too! There’s no better way to sight see than directly from a walk on the beach. You can book direct by calling us 1.888.607.0006 and getting the best deals for the holiday upcoming right now.

Make this the perfect holiday weekend and kick your summer off right–by taking it to Panama City Beach.  If you’re a couple, or a family–you deserve a breather and a great special getaway!  Let this be it and enjoy it like never before.  You can choose to be lazy and lie back in a lounge chair with umbrella on the beach, or you can get involved and have a blast with all of the amazing entertainment during the day and the night life in the evening!  Whatever you choose, just have fun and make some grand memories!