Top 5 Best Things to do in Panama City Beach, FL

Gulf World Marine Park

Are you planning a special summer trip this year with the family? Could that special trip be to Panama City Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the country? If so you might be visiting our pages to learn of some budget friendly things to do–or maybe just the top 5 best things to do while you’re here? Well, the latter is dependent on the ages of your kids, or if you’re a couple? Everyone finds this beach to be spectacular, whether they are lazily strolling the white, sugary sands or are lying languidly in the sun for the best possible tan!  From live music festivals to fishing charters and on to authentic cuisine and shopping, there’s never a dull moment here and you’re sure going to want to come back again and again after your first visit.

Of course, it’s the beautiful tropical waters and the laid back style that attracts so many families, couples, and yes, those on spring break too.  There are so many outdoor adventures to be had here, from days of parasailing to nights of city touring and more.  If you’re a history buff you’ll love it, and if you’re one of those infamous beachcombers, looking for the perfect conker shell–you’ll fall in love with Shell Island. As is always said there is definitely entertainment for everyone, and with beach activities daily where you can catch a dolphin sightseeing cruise, or perhaps just take your family to the Gulf World Marine Park–you won’t have any disappointments at all. Families with young children will certainly have plenty of Panama City Beach events to venture off too in the spring and summer.

Top Entertainment in Panama City Beach, FL

  1. If you really want to get away from it all and experience nature at its best, Shell Island is what we call a real adventure. Of course, this is for those beach lovers who enjoy combing the sands for magnificent natural treasures. You can spend 1/2 a day here, soaking up the rays and just exploring. This is a 7 mile long barrier island and the views are drop dead gorgeous. You’ll need a charter to get out to the island, and tickets run around $20 per adult and $12 per child.
  2. If you have kids then your second stop should be Shipwreck Island water-park, where kids and adults can speed down water slides all day to their hearts content (among other things). This is a 20 acre facility featuring top rated water rides, concessions and a lazy river, along with a wave pool. You can spend the day, or stay for a half. Adults admission is $34.99 and kids $29.99–so we say make a day of it!
  3. Of course you come to Panama City Beach to fish, why not? Most men (and women even) will want to charter a fishing cruise at least one of the days on their vacation. Do a little bit of research and read reviews to find out who might be the best and the most affordable! It can get pricey, starting at around $60 per person for half a day of casual fishing. There are several options available.
  4. Pier Park is totally free and it is definitely somewhere you want to go to catch a reprieve from the sun and heat in the summer. There is amazing outdoor retail shopping here, entertainment, top dining and more. It’s classic and just relaxing. Here, you can lay back and catch a breathe–no need to go full speed ahead. There’s even an on-site theme park, which is just plain fun for the kids.
  5. Gulf World Marine Park is a must if you’re a family–or anyone who loves oceanic life for that matter. Not only will you get to see the dolphins, but there is a host of other sea life to enjoy too! For those who love sea turtles, well you’ll certainly enjoy this visit. There are feeding demonstrations and chances to swim with the dolphins, much like at Sea World. Admission for adults is $29 and for kids $19. You can easily spend a half day here and have some beautiful pictures and memories to carry with you! This is a hot spot well worth the visit.

And don’t forget you need to have accommodations that will meet your expectations too!

Where to Stay in Panama City Beach, FL

If you want direct ocean front there are plenty of amazing beach resorts you can make reservations with–one being Seahaven beach hotel and resort. Of course, you want to stay somewhere that offers multiple room layouts and great amenities too. It doesn’t hurt that Seahaven resort has quite a bit of relaxing features, such as their movie theater right on site for entertainment. Beach access is easy and there are beach sport activities just feet away.

You can also choose to go with one of the sister properties, Origin at Seahaven or The Reef. The good news about any of these hotels is they are within close proximity to all of the hottest tourist locations. They are also quite close to some of the best dining establishments too. If you enjoy eating with a great view of the ocean, you’ll have several choice places. If you go to Sharky’s, guests staying at the Seahaven resort will eat free.

No matter what tourist activities you choose to engage in, where you stay or where you dine, this will be a grand escape for you and your family. Spring and Summer offers quite a bit with amazing festivals and live entertainment almost weekly. Don’t rush your trip because it’ll leave things for you to do when you come back, and that you will!