Why Is The Reef One Of The Top Panama City Beach Hotels on the Gulf Coast

Panama City Beach Hotels

The Reef is part of the Seahaven Beach Hotel and Resort and is known to combine affordable value with amazing fun to ensure visitors can have the perfect beach vacation each and every time they visit. This hotel has four floors but offers great flexibility, and it’s direct oceanfront. Each unit comes with a private balcony so you can enjoy your morning cup of Joe in privacy–taking in the most unforgettable views on the Gulf coast. So, if your vacation is planned, here’s hoping you’ve already made reservations here to guarantee the perfect location. If you want an enjoyable, stress free vacation experience in Panama City Beach then you still have some organizing to do.

The affordable beachfront hotel you’ve chosen promises comfortable accommodations–and you and your family will have easy beach access, reveling in the fact you won’t have to drive every time you want to go out and sight see! So, out of all of the Panama City Beach hotels in the area, you have chosen one of the best, and no doubt, you and yours will certainly enjoy perfect days soaking up the sun and surf, or relaxing from a busy day of putt-putt here. Further, after some novelty shopping, there’s nothing better than relaxing on The Reefs over-sized pool deck. The choice is all yours! Don’t forget, guests here have exclusive access to over one-quarter mile of private white sands to explore to their hearts content. Who knows, you might find an amazing conker shell, or just some washed up star fish to place on that mantle upon your return home.

When you’re in the right place, it simply puts your vacation where it should be. There’s so much to see and do and The Reef puts families right in the heart of the action. For example, this hotel is conveniently located to Pier Park–one of the hottest tourist attractions year after year. It is also very close to Frank Brown Park and Gulf Marina. Let’s not forget about all of the entertainment in-between. Let’s look at some of the events and engagements visitors can find to do right now.

Top 5 Things To Do Near The Reef In Panama Beach

Visitors will certainly be amazed at the entertainment all around this prime location. For instance, if you are hoping to go on one of those infamous Dolphin cruises, these are just 6.9 miles away from The Reef–well one of the best anyway. You want to do your research on these outings. It would be no fun if you paid a good penny, then never saw any Dolphins at all. But this is just one of many fun adventures to be had.

Fishing Charters: If you’re a fisherman at heart you’ll love saltwater fishing, and just 8 miles from The Reef is some of the best charters to go out on the ocean and really experience the thrill of ocean sailing and fishing. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced and well worth the costs. In the spring, temperatures are amazing and these trips will give you some relaxation too!

Sharkys: If you’re looking to have a blast, and enjoy a gulf coast dinner with the tropical waters as your view, you have to come to this top ranked restaurant. Sharky’s menu offers something for everyone, but for mature people–the tiki hut is the drawing card. This restaurant boasts one of the biggest tiki huts on the gulf coast, and drinks are gloriously delicious. Every night there is live entertainment here as well. It’s just the place to be and it’s almost right next door.

Charter a Boat to Shell Island: This is the place for every beach-combing enthusiast. This is 7 miles of barrier island so you’re going to find very unique shells and natural items here you wouldn’t find elsewhere, depending on what time of day you go to the island. Of course, there are other adventures similar to this one, but Shell Island is one of the most magnificent in terms of the views and shell hunting in general.

Panama City Beach ParasailingIs a thrill seekers sport. If you want a magnificent view of the waters, one totally unique then this is the way to do it. There is simply nothing more beautiful than view tropical, emerald green waters from above them. You’ll get to experience viewing sea life in an entirely new way. Follow the recommendations and requirements and this is one safe beach activity you’ll want to do again and again.

There are also a great many Panama City Beach events coming up, one of the more cultural being St. Patrick’s Day. In St. Andrews there is a sidewalk March that is so colorful and cheerful, you’ll remember this specific event forever! From novelty green drinks to musical bagpipes playing to the amazing parade–it’s the perfect family event. If you plan on visiting around this specific holiday, this is a must do on any visitor’s itinerary.  Panama City Beach truly brings a unique vacation experience for each and everyone, at anytime of the year.